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After his basic schooling, Dr.L.Prakash did his medicine and Post graduation in orthopaedic surgery from Gwalior Medical College. He went to England for further studies and was one of the youngest surgeons to complete his MCh in orthopaedics from Liverpool.

He then worked in various hospitals in England, Switzerland, Germany and other parts of Europe. He got a fellowship from the A.O. Alumni Association in Davos, Switzerland.

During his stay abroad, he was lucky to undergo training and education under senior professors and world renowned orthopaedic surgeons. He worked under John Goodfellow of Oxford, Michael Wroblowski of Wrightington, Mr Morris, Mr Monk, Mr Ring and other noted stalwarts of orthopaedic surgery.

Despite receiving tempting offers from leading hospitals in the United States of America, Dr Prakash decided to return to Chennai to practice his first love of joint replacement surgery.

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