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From the ages of 43 to 56 – 13 years in prison. Solitary confinement (small 12 feet by 10 feet cell)

As Dr Prakash is a workaholic and cannot retain his sanity unless he works between 12 to 16 hours a day, he remained extremely busy even during his prison incarceration.

Patients from Prisoner Community

During those harsh days, Dr Prakash saw an average of 100 patients among prisoners in a month. He treated numerous patients, performed many surgeries, manipulations, plaster applications etc, in the prison utilizing the limited resources available in the prison

Patients from Prison Staff

Most prison staff from the warders to higher officials routinely consulted Dr L.Prakash. Many lawyers went to Puzhal Prison during lawyer interview sessions for getting medical consultations with the doctor. When the jailors son’s ear was torn off in an accident, it was repaired inside the prison with no scar showing. This made it to the front page of the news papers.

Jail Interior and Art Museum

Using local clay and earth from the prison premises, Dr L.Prakash has made terracotta artefacts which have been pasted on the inside prison walls to make gigantic murals. Numerous officials, judges, other state prison officers and visitors have enjoyed their visit to Puzhal prison by admiring the works of Dr L.Prakash’s art.

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