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Dr.L.Prakash KNEE REPLACEMENTS surgeon

Dr.L.Prakash as an Artist at times

He was released on 25th April 2015 and found half a dozen patients waiting outside his locked house. He began operating from the very next day, and is now finding difficult to find time to satisfy all the patients queuing desperately to consult and get operated by him.

Currently he is practicing orthopaedics, with special emphasis on KNEE REPLACEMENTS, COMPLEX HIP ARTHROPLASTIES, and revision surgeries.

Please note the following:

  • Avoid direct consultations with the specialist.. Your problems may not be serious enough and your own local doctor could solve the problem. For consulting Dr L.Prakash, a referral letter by a physician or other orthopaedic surgeon is needed.

  • Avoid wastage of time and money by rushing to bring the patient to the clinic. Unless it is an emergency, send your reports by email or whatsapp, let the doctor evaluate you, and then bring the patient at an appointed time and date.

  • Download the Dr L.Prakash app for your smartphone from Google play store or App store. The app will allow you to fix appointments, get quotations, answer your questions and in short be a 24/7 helpline to keep you healthy and happy.

  • Currently Dr L.Prakash is restricting his practice to Joint Replacements and Revision Arthroplasties.

  • Not all patients need operations and Dr Prakash does not operate on every patient who consults him. On many occasions even when other surgeons have advised immediate surgery, Dr Prakash would ask the patient to wait for a couple of years and provide alternate therapy for the intervening period.

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