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Writing of books

The Tamarind Seed

Glimpses of Vedic Wisdom

Hundred Pearls For a Successful Survivor

Behind The Bars

Cops Capers

Deceptive Appearances

Delusion of Desire


God Sister

Mahabharatha 1

Mahabharatha 3

Mahabharatha 4

Not Gulity Vs Innocent


Swiss Chocolates

Tangled Web

106 books, 25 million hand written words, Mahabharata in 4 volumes, Ramayana in 8 volumes. Termed as “World’s Most Prolific Author” by press.

11 published books, 2600 short stories. Range includes science fiction, legal thrillers, action, comedy, drama, historical, mythological, self help, philosophy and nonfiction.

Every word painfully written in candle light in long hand on 35,000 sheets of plain paper. This is a world record in itself.

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